Success depends on access to the right people

Why should you choose Alphamaynar Staffing Services? 

We hire the right talent for employers. Alphamaynar Staffing Services can assist with your talent attraction strategy.

  • Develop a plan to attract talent
  • Support your recruitment process
  • Develop your employer brand
  • Perform tests and evaluations
  • Ask us about talent

Alphamaynar Staffing Services offers a range of services to employers. We help facilitate the hiring of top talent and support the retention of a diverse workforce.

We provide business communication training and post-employment support to ensure employees succeed in their careers. We will be there to help you grow and compete in today’s competitive business environment.

We provide employees for the following:


Work for a specific duration and you’re an agency employee, which means that they are paid directly by us and not the company where you are completing your assignment.


Start working with our client (the organization) on a temporary basis, and eventually they may have the opportunity to become a permanent employee with our client.


Undergo the screening and hiring process with the staffing agency and if selected, employee are then hired directly by the company.

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